Naoko Sakata 

is an improvisation pianist who currently lives in Sweden. 

Naoko is recognised for her fearless and intuitive improvisation style and her heart felt playing has become her personal trademark. Her music reaches from the very depths of calm poetic beauty to intense explosive chaos, where everything comes together as one powerful expression.

- Dancing Spirits is her 2nd solo piano album and consists of 7 free improvisations. It was recorded in August 2020 in Annedalskyrkan, a church in Gothenburg Sweden by Filip Leyman. The album is released on the Swedish record label led by Anna von Hausswolff  "Pomperipossa Records" 26 March 2021. 

  -Experimental piano incantations. Instinctive, feminine and absolutely wild-

                                                                                                                  Mary Anne Hobbs  BBC 6 Music 



Currently she is performing mostly as an improvisation solo act as well as with groups such as Malin Wättring 4 and Thomas Markusson’s "Open”. 


- Inner Planets (Footprint Records) is Naoko's first solo piano album .

It was recorded during two days in February 2019 at studio Epidemin in Gothenburg.

Released in 2020.


Prior to commencing her solo act, Naoko spent her time performing and touring the world with a piano trio under her own name - Naoko Sakata Trio - for almost a decade the group also released 3 CDs including: - Kaleidoscope (Atelier Sawano 2010) - Flower clouds (Atelier Sawano 2013) - Dreaming tree ( Footprint records 2016).


Naoko is also greatly recognised among her peers in Sweden and has received multiple prestigious awards for her music such as the Swedish national radio jazz prize and Alice Babs jazz award

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