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Naoko Sakata 

is an improvisation pianist currently lives in Sweden. Naoko is recognised for her fearless and intuitive improvisation style and her heart felt playing has become her personal trademark. Her music reaches from the very depths of calm poetic beauty to intense explosive chaos, where everything comes together as one powerful expression. Music she creates is the daughter of the moment and therefore unrepeatable, pure improvisation. In addition to the artist's freedom of expression, there is nothing else and is almost impossible to classify into a genre or a category.

Naoko Sakata describes her approach to music as follows:

“When I sit in front of the piano, I channel the energies inside and outside me. Music flows in me and my body express the music that I  hear in my head in that moment. There are no obstacles to its realisation and I don't follow rules on how to make it happen. It is at the same time something natural and highly spiritual, sacred and wild, something that lives in a moment in time and only in that, before disappearing forever ”.

- Dancing Spirits is her 2nd solo piano album and consists of 7 free improvisations. It was recorded in August 2020 in Annedalskyrkan, a church in Gothenburg Sweden by Filip Leyman. The album is released on the Swedish record label led by Anna von Hausswolff  "Pomperipossa Records" 26 March 2021.  

- Inner Planets (Footprint Records) is Naoko's first solo piano album . 

It was recorded during two days in February 2019 at studio Epidemin in Gothenburg.

Released in 2020.

In 2023 on the 8th of September, her 3rd album "Infinity" was released on Pomperipossa Records.  



-Experimental piano incantations. Instinctive, feminine and absolutely wild-     Mary Anne Hobbs  BBC 6 Music 

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